"I have a passion and unique skillbase to come alongside church communities and help them journey towards excellence in web-based communications, media and administration.

Websites | Social Media | Building Movements | Marketing & Funnels | eLearning & Membership Sites | New Media - videos, blogs & podcasts
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I help churches & faith communities tap into the incredible power of social media and the most innovative web-based platforms available including WordPress, Joomla, ClickFunnels, Nationbuilder, Weebly, Wix, Adobe Creative Suite, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.
I've been serving churches, new and old, for 25+ years as an Advisor, Trainer, Church Leader, Pioneer Minister, Coach, Techie, Coder and Designer. I'm also a Theological Lecturer and Postgraduate Student researching people movements and exponential happenings. I live in Exeter, UK with my tribe..."
Various Packages
Our Package Prices start at £500 for a quality website complete with a leadership consultation plus training for you or your staff - all included !
100% Free Consultation
no strings attached free consultation, with quote, on the online future of your church community
Bespoke Design
ViralChurch staff are able to serve your organisation's core purposes, whatever its size or need - we have photographers, designers, copywriters, video and marketing professionals.
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